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I Am Charlie

January 8, 2015

Life was there

standing before them


with weapons they drew

AKs, guns, everything

so much power

and still they couldn’t speak

no matter what noise they made

just dripping red

red red red ink

enough ink that we couldn’t hear it

enough that we know


that all we could hear

was the silence they made

and how loud

through all of the silence

they had made us.


Another beginning…

January 27, 2014

It has been a while, people. 6 weeks to be accurate to time. To be vague, I have been back to the country of my formative years, revisited another I had lived in for a time, and now I am starting up in a new one. I spent time with family and old friends and learnt again that people don’t change and not to worry, just get on with things and let them get on with theirs.

So, that is perhaps what I am writing this post about. Taking care of my own business and getting the shop in order. The blog has become a beast of its own and some posts I make are just made for the sake of making them, be they poetry, prose, personal, or psychotic! Often just me talking to myself…like now.

I started this blog for the art of it all, to find a community to be critiqued and criticized and create meaningful dialogues in the hope of moving forward. I have always found it hard to be a part of creative communities…perhaps my own fault! Though I have met a lot of awe inspiring and enviable writers here, I hope to find more. You inspire me to be better. So if you care or not or are reading this for the first time thinking WTF?, then that is my mission objective and change of some sort will come soon. Basically, I’m cutting the fat, keeping the bacon and concentrating on these bloody words.

Paz y abrazos gentes!


Thursday 22nd of August

August 22, 2013

Tasty Indian Curries can be bad. Hello India! was the name of the restaurant…how about Hello Toilet! At least my abs look great!

Glint is going well, my fantasy novel. Re-edited Part 1 and have written a bit over the last few days, much of it anachronistically. Trying to put down at least 1000 words a day, plus write some poetry, plus read some books, plus read some awesome poetry from those I’m following on WP, plus work, plus exercise, plus watch TV, plus waste some time on Facebook, plus!!! Who isn’t busy, though?

Anyway, in World news…people getting gassed in Syria. Aussies getting shot in America. Spy agencies getting more powers the more we find out how evil they are! Come on NZ! Legalising gay marriage (positive) and now this? The world needs a super hero.


We Drink Because We’re Poets

August 14, 2013

Hi, all. There is a wonderful site that promotes poets and poetry called, “We Drink Because We’re Poets” and I was the featured poet on the 12th of August. I put up a couple of poems and they flattered me a lot, which I thank them for and all their hard work in building a community for writers to share and collaborate. Abrazos grandes!

You may check them out at

and you may go directly to my article and poems at

I am pretty hard to miss with a goofy photo of me on vacation in America. Blue shades under the Star Spangled Banner. Think I’m looking quite California dreaming there.

Please enjoy their site, their poets, and hopefully my own.




Challenge Accepted.

August 5, 2013

If you’re a creative person or just like being creative, it sometimes is hard to keep momentum. Being a part of a community and contributing, sharing, or at least reading, commenting and clicking that little ‘like’ button can mean a lot and spur you on as well! Here is a great compilation of work from peeps like you and I for you to read or contribute. Please check it and spread it.

The Paperbook Blog

I had an extremely lethargic, lazy, quiet, simple (slightly hungover) day yesterday. It was lovely. But it’s over now.

And I’m back in blog land, jumping in with two feet or back up on the horse…or however that saying goes.

Firstly, a gigantic THANKYOU to everyone and anyone who has re-blogged, tweeted, Facebooked, or otherwise shared issue one of The Paperbook Collective.

The idea for the magazine was initially inspired by the wonder that is the blogging community – the encouragement and support that flows through the screen from around the world. Well I am happy to say I was not disappointed. The online world is really quite incredible sometimes. You guys rock.

For those of you who have jumped on board The Paperbook Blog in the past few days, I am providing the links to The Paperbook Collective. It is a free online magazine filled with work from…

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Woden’s day, 10th of April…jamming about my place in Medellin when I should be studying…

April 10, 2013

So, I’m bored. The roar of traffic is outside my window. Even on my mattress (we don’t need beds here!) and in my room the rattle of cars echoes. The apartment is white and pristine from the efforts of my ginger-haired Colombian roomie and myself (true). I sit most days at my computer in the Spartan living room. Just studying, writing, watching TV, and planning some exercise. For a break I stand on our little balcony and watch the homeless man and his dog who live on the tree lined street below. Other homeless people stop there to smoke some crack and walk on, but nobody bothers nobody, and it seems the dog is the sheriff in these parts, managing both the traffic and the people. I get beers from the shop across the intersection, liquor near the park, and ice-cream whenever and wherever I damn want. Just the way things should be.



December 16, 2012

So, I am on a little trip down the coast and into some foreign locations and lands. I don’t particularly like reading travel blogs, and I know I hate writing them, so I thought, as I am just sitting by exotic Palm dotted coasts, I might write a few poems here and there on my journey. I have written one so far on my 1st day, so 100% success, so far. Big ups to me! And I will try to scratch a few more out and perhaps a picture or two as well…wait, I don’t have a camera. Oh well, I am sure someone has photographed this place before…but has anyone regaled it in poetry?  



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