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A Part Of It All

January 15, 2015

Blue skies from sci-fi epics.

Clouds stationary battleships

no attacks in sight.

The sun a bathing god

reclining in all its power.

Absorb its light and ride along

neck bent to witness it all.

The story has just begun.

Bubbles rise up inside

bursting and popping excitedly

as I realise

I am a part of this all.





August 28, 2014

Moth flutter softer than Chopin notes.

Nocturne rain patter, crickets and frogs

a million year symphony.

Sleep stutters waking scenes

pushing into fantasies.

Cross chatter disturbing sleep.

Worlds collide with faintest yawns.

Night mutters, ‘no matter’

as dawn settles all in waking gray.


Darkness is spreading! Free Verse and Music

November 16, 2013

Dark Moon

Good evening everyone. The night has started and the bats are out performing their swoops under the lamp light. To celebrate the death of day, here is a dark post for you all; just some free verse of dark intoxication, a picture of the cloud captured moon, and a review and recommendation for some Satanic music (golly!).


The free verse first, as this is meant to be a weblog of words first and foremost! This is inspired by a run I had the other day and as I ascended the hill I kept pushing and pushing and I did not know how I could make it…but I did…somehow. As you do when you run, yours thoughts drift off into strange places and I was imagining how I would feel if dark and forces from with out took control of me from within…and this came. It is more like an open letter a person is writing to himself and perhaps an impotent warning to others.


Underneath and inside me there is a portal. An entrance to a sphere of flame smaller than a candle though mighty like a singularity resting somewhere beneath my heart between my lungs and hinting at limitless power willing to be harnessed from somewhere with out. I discovered this weird on a run and as I ascended a hill flames torched through my chest. I was staggered by the energy, feeling exhilarated with the power of another from another. As I pushed harder the glorious pain spread with aching fingers of force throughout my body tearing me down thread by thread and then forming me again with inspired inspiration. I felt the agony of this destruction and then the ecstasy of my reconstruction. Reaching the peak my heart pounded with deep and slow blows as if it was a giant’s fist hammered within me to come out into this world. I put a hand over my heart scared at its movement and the knowledge that it was not I who made it beat. I wanted to smile and to weep at this secret I had found and held inside. A force had touched me from beyond. In a single moment it had seduced me and hooked me like some insidious demi-drug. I knew then as I know now that I will never be able to relax again. Moments of stillness and quiet only amplify its cries. This hungry babe sinks in its amorphous fangs and tears my flesh to suckle. At once I am terrified and pulsating with life. Feeling it feed my body while it feeds on me, what people call the soul that I had never understood before. With its potency I plunge deep into life drawing on everything and everyone, working until my bones ache until the force inside is the only thing propping me up, luring me on with unsaid promises of things granted by this other world within. At each apex of achievement it tells me there is still an inch to go and then another- until forever. I know what I am now; a pawn and pendulum between worlds a bottle neck for this power a thoroughfare of the universe as they battle to stretch me open. Just the keyhole in a door to a boundless dimensions never designed for me.


Satanic music? But, I love god! Bear with me…The band I recommend…Ghost B.C. and their new album Infestissumam

So the band is called Ghost (B.C.). They had to add the B.C. for trademark reasons, though they say they are Ghost through and through. I got the album through a review giving it 9/10. My first listen was from a nap. I put on some music and woke half way through this album not realising what it was but thinking, ‘wow, this sounds cool.’

How to define this music? They hail from Sweden which is one of the stalwart metal countries and I would categorise them as such. Yes, it is often hard to recommend metal to people. Some often have an image of the genre fixed in their brains of long haired tattooed men screaming about killing babies. That can sometimes be the case (haha), but it is a broad and massively diverse genre. But, I am not here to defend the genre. This is a band that fans of the genre will like, and may surprise those who like rock music, but who seldom dip into such dark worlds. Who knows you may like it? It may even become a guilty pleasure.

Though are Ghost even a metal band? They define themselves as a “theatrical rock band”, and make dark melodic rock/metal that is often groovy and psychedelic with plenty of keyboard/organ melodies and catchy riffs. They are a ‘black metal’ band in the original sense as in Black Sabbath and others of their ilk. Thematically ‘black’ and not at all musically black such as a band like, say, Emperor. The singer sings melodically, often in ominous church choir hymns and with ghoulish rasps. Their lyrics are Satanic. Yes. Satanic, but not grotesque. As Ghost said themselves, coming to one of their gigs is a great way to break your usual routine and pretend to be a Satanist for an hour. After a listen you will no doubt be humming the catching tunes and lyrics, “Come together, for Lucifer’s son.”

A Satanical Theatrical Rock Band…really? Yes, and the gigs take on a very sinister, theatrical mood to match the music. A lot of the older fans like the gigs because it reminds them of going to their first Kiss gigs and similar bands of that genre and era…apparently. Are they Satanists? Am I going to go to hell for listening to this? I don’t believe they are serious. They said they were raised around the genre from a young age, so the themes are very natural to them. As I understand, they moreover want to make great music and do something different and awesome that they themselves and fans can enjoy. One member professed that their tour bus usually has Euro trash pop music pumping…so yes, they may actually be affected by the devil.

The band come on in character (their real identities are unknown…spooky) and dress as a congregation of Satanic clergy to perform with the band members, ‘ghouls’, dressed in all black coats and hoods and their lead singer, ‘Papi’, dressed as the congregation leader in satanic Pope style. One of my favourite songs is the hauntingly melodic Monstrance Clock and you may check it ‘ere… I think that will give describe more about the music and their band than I can. I will end by saying- Good band and album. Highly recommended to rock fans and if you want to escape from the norm of your listening, I hope you give them a try.

That is all from me. A monster of a post. I hope you liked parts or all of it.

Peace and regards.



Searching for Tempest – The Mountains – Glint Poetry

October 7, 2013

Here is a poem inspired by the second part of my fantasy novel I am writing, called ‘Glint’.

My background is as a poet, which in my opinion is more a ‘felt than thought’ art, so when I am writing prose sometimes I am stuck on the feeling and I can’t think of how to express it on the page in narrative form. It is useful for me to spill the images and feelings onto the page in poetry form. Interpreting the feeling inside into language outside with words.

This is a little example of that and one of a few others I have in my poetry collection here called, ‘Glint’.


Searching for Tempest


Winter snaps in every season here.

A rock washes its brow with rain that

carves through the mountain at any chance

making rivers from streams from drops.

A herd of horses mistrusts, running circles.

Their leader bucks, nodding to the wind.

The sky turns to bright crackling cracks.

Laying hands of light upon the ground.

Tempest! Make my stillness electric!

I search for nothing but this found motion.

Tempest! Wash everything to chaos begun!




Night Awakening – Fantasy Poetry

September 16, 2013

Awoken by but a thought in the night.

A cool bath for his bed.

Stone work. Gilt rails. Animal rugs.

Fires can keep you warm

in a rock-hewn kingdom

but the cold is always an inch away.

The strike of the dark just needs

a breath on a candle.

There is something pulling.

From a forgotten dream.

He knows without admitting

it is her and she is out there

in the open and amongst the tall

sisters of the Earth.

Three pinnacles

brooding in the cold

bosom of the mountains.

Waiting for him.



The Fantasy of Michael Moorcock and Music for Inspiration…

August 23, 2013

Inspiration can come from anywhere. From a movie, from something your friend says, from a cereal box, from a bad smell…anywhere! I get a good deal of inspiration from my music. Just listening to it can put you into a good mood.

So here is a little post about:

1. The variety of metal music out there.

2. The great fantasy writer, Michael Moorcock

3. Some music suggestions for metal music for inspiration.



I am a very big fan of music ranging from electronic, indie-country, hip-hop, folk, to my most favourite…metal. Yes, a great polarizing force of music. I listen to most genres of metal  including death, melodic -death, psychedelic, post-metal, power, punk, folk, progressive, oriental, modern, djent, stoner, shoe-gaze, sludge, even some doom, gothic and black. Yep, just put metal after all these and you have a genre. And these are more.

It’s what I listen to when I write as it is a good way to listen to a new album and gives me energy, inspiration, puts me in a good mood and just makes me smile, god darn it!


I was just reading some fantasy on my Kindle, some on WordPress from baldypoems (check him out!), and thinking about my own novel. It brought me thinking about inspiration. Even as I try to map my thoughts about it, it is a muddle of threads. I was thinking about the writing of Michael Moorcock, a great British fantasy writer famous, among others, for his anti-hero Elric of Melnibone. I love his writing. He can cross seamlessly over centuries in just a few pages. Explain passages of action with such clarity and such brevity that you are left thinking, “Wow, he said all that in 2 paragraphs! Now that is communication!”

The only reason I found out about him was from the power metal band, Blind Guardian from one of their songs called ‘Tanelorn (Into the Void)’. I like the song and was thinking…Tanelorn…sounds like a fantastical kingdom. And yes, it turned out to be a fantastical kingdom from Moorcock. So from this random song, I started reading Moorcock and it has give me some of the great fantasy reads I’ve had.

Does anyone else have any strange links to things they have read or inspiration for writing?


Also, here are just a couple of recommendations for metal to listen to if you want inspiration for SciFi, Fantasy, or horror:

For Science Fiction –

1. Hammerforce. Power-metal band from Russia. Their latest album “Access Denied” is great.

2. Vektor. American Space-thrash. Both of their albums, ‘Black Future’ and ‘Outer Isolation’ slay. A trip into the black regions of space; twisted, fast, n thrashy.


1. Blind Guardian. German power metal.

2. Amon Amarth. Swedish legends of viking metal. Any album will get you ready for war. haha. awesome. Youtube ‘Live for the Kill’.

3. Khors. Ukranian progressive melodic black metal. A bit heavier, but has some nice parts.


Have to say my boys at The Black Dahlia Murder. Detroit death metal. Any album really, but ‘Nocturnal’ is like going back to F.W. Murnau’s 1922 Nosferatu. If you can’t stomach the music (tear drops) then watch the movie…wow.


Glint – Poem – The Mechanamorphic Amnesiac

August 17, 2013

As I have been editing my first fantasy novel and writing part two I have started writing some poems about the tale and its characters and certain junctures of the novels. I think it is a good way to reveal something deeper about what is happening and keep the creative juices flowing. Here is my first effort.


The Mechanamorphic Amnesiac

When she slept she didn’t sleep

only meditated darkly in the dark

hallucinated horrors underneath

her death-shroud for a blanket

and her coffin for a bed

decorated with blood moons and

raised with stiff white hands.

Where else could she lie but here?

She dreamt mirrors of herself

as father, mother, and sister but

beneath these all was her mechanical body

brass, silver, and gold and her soul

she questioned whether it was, too.

No memories. Lost original form.

Yet reflections of her past self

surfaced at unpredictable passes.

Reminding and tormenting her

that she was once human and

with the questions of who we are

without our memories and our form

and what becomes of

the mechanamorphic amnesiac?



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