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On holding back…a question to and conversation with the void…

August 13, 2013

I have often said that I want my writing to be as honest as possible. But what does this mean for me? And what does it mean for you?

Does it mean by having all your writing about actual events in your life? By laying out all your flaws, faults and mistakes onto the internet? It may for some as honesty may mean many things to many people. For anyone’s better or worse, I have often done this…

How about letting your true voice and feelings be put down on the page and affect your writing? By not copying anyone else’s, but by being inspired by theirs? I hope I always do this…

By not phoning in the emotion that is not truly there? By talking about things that we know little about or have never experienced? By posting something to be popular, sensational, and make us feel good without being authentic? I have sometimes done this, too, unconsciously and regrettably, consciously!

Those are all some points that are true for me. I am guilty of many of them. Writing something and then realising after much effort…what are you even talking about?! How about yourselves?

So…we can be honest and true in our writing. But, what should we hold back? Are there some things that we should not say, even if we mean them? Confessing love, a crime, dishonesty, disloyalty? Is the truth not better out, because, as Shakespeare wrote ‘Truth will out!’ anyway?

Well, perhaps somethings should be kept with those it concerns.

But when it comes to our art…to something so close to us…representing who we are as much as we can express it as humans…well, it’s personal isn’t it?

And sometimes you feel the shame or embarrassment. Once you post a piece of writing, a picture, a painting, -whatever; and then you look back and think; why did I do that? People will think I’m stupid, look stupid, acting stupid? Well, who has not. For me it has been a daily exercise for most of my life, retracing my ridiculousness, and trying to figure it all out. At first, perhaps, regretting things, and then handling it. Owning it. And it is hard to be ourselves. And it takes practice. Practice practice practice in not stopping doing these things, but in acknowledging them and owning them. You can’t change who you are and if you want to make a stupid post of any kind, fill your Facebook and Instagram with silly photos (mine are) I won’t judge. As a matter of fact, I will empathize and understand.

This is just a post about honesty and holding back; a question into the void and a conversation with it.

Any thoughts?




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